Our History

The structure currently known as New Waverly United Methodist Church traces its beginnings to 1872, when it opened as Waverly Methodist Episcopal Church. It was located on the east side of what is now Greenmount Avenue and faced 31st St.

In 1888, the mortgage on the first Greenmount Avenue site was paid and, in 1905, the building was completely renovated. This allowed the congregation to grow into badly needed additional space.

On September 24, 1922, the congregation moved into a new building at the corner of 33rd and Frisby streets, where the church has been located ever since. The mortgage for the building was paid off in 1946, and an addition to the church was built five years later.

In 1995, members of St. Matthews United Methodist were invited to join the existing Waverly Methodist. In all, with then pastor Rev. James K. McCants, 15 members came to E. 33rd and Frisby. Later that year, Rev. Willie Armstrong became the pastor, with the name of the parish changing to New Waverly United Methodist Church.

As we approach a century of worship in our home, we invite you to join us each Sunday.

The shepherds of New Waverly:

1995 — Rev. James K. McCants

1995 — Rev. Willie Armstrong

2000 — Rev. Patricia Pride

2005 — Rev. Donald Atkinson

2006 — Rev. Douglas Sands

2006 — Rev. Alhassan Macaulay

2010 — Rev. Sandra M. Greene


2014 — Rev. Dr. Kevin A. Slayton, Sr.

2019 — Rev. Dr. Andrea Middleton King

2021 — Rev. Dr. Irance Reddix McCray