Adullum Community Healthcare Center

Created in 2015 at Baltimore’s St. John’s United Methodist Church, the Adullum Community Healthcare Center operates from New Waverly.

Adullum takes its name from the Cave of Adullam, which was originally a stronghold referred to in the Old Testament near the town of Adullam where David, the future King of Israel, sought refuge from King Saul.

The center began as a concept to provide healthcare access to underserved communities under the belief that healthcare is not just physical but encompasses emotional and spiritual care. Using a holistic health care model, Adullum provides primary and behavioral healthcare as well as life skills and counseling.

The Adullum Community Healthcare Center is a 501c3 that operates using grants and fee-for-service. We are fully electronic and have access to all the information technology platforms.

We collaborate with the Central Area Health Education Consortium, Healthcare for All, the United Methodists Baltimore-Washington conference, Planned Parenthood, and several smaller organizations.

We provide physicals, immunizations, counseling, and primary health care services. We do community health fairs that offer blood pressure checks, blood glucose checks, sometimes HIV and hepatitis screening, and various health education tools. We generally go to the area that has the most need, thus the mobile designation. We also can go to clients’ houses if they have mobility issues. We provide various seminars, including Narcan training and basic health education. As part of the Central Area Health Education Consortium, we also educate their scholars students.

The Adullum has also gone to Jamaica on a medical trip. We bought supplies and saw over 600 clients in the four and a half days. The trip lasted eight days.

We have been designated as an alternative access point for individuals who call 911 but do not need to be transported to emergency rooms or urgent care. We can do virtual calls and then set up appointments as necessary. Since this is a new endeavor, we do not know how many clients we will see.

We take all insurances except Jai, Humana, and United healthcare Medicaid.

A branch of Adullum is called EnCoda ministries. It provides sign language interpretation services.

Another branch of Adullum is called the R.E.A.L.: realizing every aspect of life. It provides GED services, help in enrolling in college, including FAFSA, healthcare advocacy training, basic construction skills training, computer literacy courses, CV and interview skills.

The center provides ground-level handicapped access and can provide electronic access to EMTs in the field. Additionally, Adullum can serve as a primary care provider with a nurse practitioner available during certain weekdays. The center also has 24-hour telephone coverage as well as referrals to a higher level of care when necessary.

For more information,  visit the Adullum website